3 Tech-Savvy Marketing Tips to Reach Potential Clients Today

Like any business, success in legal practice depends on generating new business. Just how to market firm services most effectively can pose a vexing question. Every firm can develop a successful marketing strategy that speaks directly to its most promising prospective clients, but where to start?

At LawMaster, we understand that communicating effectively and persuasively with the market for legal services represents one of the most crucial law firm functions. Over our nearly thirty year history, we have developed software solutions to help lawyers identify, speak to, and grow their specific market niche. In this article, we discuss some steps every lawyer and law firm can take to tailor a marketing strategy to their particular practice and firm personality.

Use Data to Define Your Market

Lawyers hoping to improve their legal marketing must have a detailed and nuanced understanding of the market in which they have a competitive advantage. No matter if you are just starting out or have practised for years, you can use accurate and thorough data about the relative profitability of time spent on different kinds of matters, client generation/retention, and historical trends to reveal insights about where the path to sustainable law firm success lies. The single best source of that information for most lawyers is an integrated practice management solution like LawMaster's, which allows lawyers to track performance and generate reports that identify the market in which they are most likely to prosper.

Track and Analyse Marketing Efforts

Once you understand your most productive and profitable market, you will want to speak to it through appropriate channels. There is a seemingly endless array of communication channels from which to choose, and there isn't a single option that will be universally effective. For instance, a law firm that specialises in insurance coverage and subrogation issues may find it effective to advertise through insurance trade publications and organisations, whereas a criminal defence practice may reach its clients most effectively through engaging with community service organisations and paying for search engine optimisation ("SEO") of the firm website. What is important is that the channel you choose should be one that your potential clients will tend to use to find legal services.

That ideal channel may not be apparent from the outset. More likely, once you identify the specific market you want to reach, you'll see multiple channels through which you can potentially access it. That is where a legal practice management system such as LawMaster's that has marketing and new client outreach functionality becomes useful. By tracking marketing efforts along various metrics, including time and money spent, and conversion of enquiries into clients, you can determine what efforts are speaking most effectively to your market, and thereby invest your marketing resources most efficiently.

Leverage Innovations in Integrated Website/Firm Management Technology

It is no secret that, whatever channel you choose for speaking to your law firm's market segment, once you get the attention of prospective clients the medium of the internet will probably come into play.

Whether your clients find you through a Google search or click through to your website from a specialised database of legal experts, it's more than likely that potential new clients will next check you out by visiting your online home. The challenge for your legal practice is how to convert those visitors into clients. 

In this day and age, it is no longer enough to simply have a "Contact Us" link on your web page. That's essential, of course, but more and more, it's not sufficient. You need more functionality. For example, LawMaster's New Client Enquiry feature allows you to integrate online enquiry forms directly into your firm database, seamlessly translating a potential client's visit to your website into a lead that can initiate and facilitate personalised follow-up and delivery of relevant marketing materials. 

Increasingly, firms are also leveraging Live Chat technology to make an immediate connection with potential clients. LawMaster client Attwood Marshall has integrated Live Chat into its website, leading not only to 50% more client enquiries, but vastly more efficient and targeted processing of enquiries through integration of Live Chat survey information into Law Master's matter management solution. 

To learn more about how LawMaster's innovative solutions can enhance your firm marketing and new client communications, contact us today.

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