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In today's ever-changing world of technology, we are constantly relying more on our smartphones and other smart devices to help us with the daily operations of our jobs.

This is especially true for anyone working in a law firm and is often away from the office for several hours at a time.

One of the ways many law firms help to keep their operations balanced and organised is by having a Law Practice Management Software (PMS) in their office. A typical PMS helps with:

  • Managing Documents
  • Organising Client and Case Studies
  • Keeping Track of Appointments
  • Recording Deadlines
  • Accounting and Billing

With an efficient PMS, firms of all sizes no longer have to worry about having large stacks of documents crowding their office, or getting lost. They can now access any file, document, or case study from the convenience of their computer.

The key issue is that for many PMS's this access stops as soon as you leave the office. To increase your efficiency the desktop world must be brought into the mobile environment. A modern lawyer can no longer afford to not have access at all times. The vast periods of downtime caused by daily commute alone, which in the past were seen to be unavoidable are now seen to be opportunities to complete valuable work for clients. A waiting lawyer can now be a working lawyer.    

As lawyers are often away from their offices for long periods of time, being able to access multiple files and documents from your smartphone or tablet is crucial if you are wanting to stay organised and informed no matter where your job takes you. 

How We Can Help

Firstly, we offer one of the most comprehensive PMS systems on the market. Our desktop system allows firms to take advantage of various functionalities to improve in-office performance. 

Secondly, the cloud has made it possible to work on large scale documents from anywhere without using up too much memory on your smart device. This means that even while you're outside of the office you can view and edit documents to keep from holding up anyone who may be waiting on you to do so.  

We have worked hard to design the perfect system that is capable of meeting every firm's needs, no matter how big or how small. This has culminated in LawMaster's iBench system for mobile devices. 

iBench is available on all smart devices and allows you to efficiently handle any work-related matters while you are out in the field. Our Cloud Based technology gives you the ability to access important files and documents at all times. We have integrated diaries, flat sheet management, and emails, to name a few features, seamlessly, into a convenient and intuitive app that gives you access while you are away from your desk. 

Choosing the right PMS for your firm is a critical part in maintaining a high-performing legal practice. Contact us today to see how we can improve your firms productivity by at least 30%. 

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