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These days, there's an app for everything, from making grocery lists to buying movie tickets to playing games with your friends. Apps that increase lawyer productivity lawyers are particularly useful. Yes, perhaps it's more fun to play Candy Crush on the train to and from work, but when you are preparing for a client meeting or collecting your thoughts after a day in court, it is convenient to have access to work files on your phone or tablet. And, if you are of the, ahem, younger generation of lawyers, it's downright essential because laptops are so...yesterday. 

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In this article, we take a look at a few of the ways that phone and tablet-based apps are changing and improving the way lawyers work, and how LawMaster's iBench app provides industry-leading features and functionality.

Accessing Files from Anywhere, Anytime 

Your phone and tablet travel with you everywhere. That can both be a blessing and a curse, to be sure, but when you find yourself away from the office and you need to review a document securely, having it at your fingertips instead of finding someone in the office to share it with you can be a major time and cost savings. And, it's not simply the convenience of having your work files available on the train or whilst watching a football match, instead of having to go back into the office, that can make a difference. The access LawMaster's iBench gives to the full range of client and work files can save your legal practice when disaster strikes, such as in 2011 when LawMaster client Amanda Given lost access to her office during flooding in Brisbane but was able to continue accessing her client files, and serving her clients, by using the iBench app

Seizing Moments of Insight and Opportunity

Your smartphone or tablet are also tools for preserving flashes of inspiration and connection. Who hasn't taken a note on their device about a movie they want to see or book they want to read, or asked a new acquaintance to type in a phone number? So, too, should your devices capture moments and insights critical to your law practice, and ideally, in a way that immediately associates those moments with the relevant client or case file. With iBench, you can draft a note to capture an idea for a new argument you might make, and add it directly to a matter to be accessed later or by other team members. If you make a new contact with a prospective client, with iBench you can add it to your firm's database for follow-up.

To learn more about how LawMaster's innovative and functional iBench app can enhance your law practice, contact us today. 

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